If only. Those must be the two saddest words in the world – Mercedes Lackey

Sussex Police YouTube Channel

This sad story is, with the benefit of hindsight, so predictable it almost writes itself. That Saturday in April was a great day for a ride, why not get together, head for the coast, grab a coffee, enjoy the warm sun and dry roads. Hundreds of other bikers across the UK would have done the same. Yet this ride was to end tragically, just a couple of miles from the beach, on a corner in the Sussex countryside. Once the Emergency Services had lost the roadside battle to save the unfortunate rider, they began their search for evidence that would end up at the inevitable inquest. GoPro footage was found, and the riding recorded wasn’t ever going to be brushed under the carpet. Almost everyone, even those qualified as Advanced Riders, have exceeded speed-limits, plenty of riders have also have pulled the occasional wheelie, however, crossing double-lines for an overtake, especially when approaching a corner is asking for trouble. That’s it. Sooner or later. The end. And it might not just be the hapless rider, it could be anyone else riding, driving, cycling or walking. One of your mates. On any other day the video would have been just another clip for Instagram, instead it records one life lost, and three lives ruined.



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