RMK E2 hubless electric bike ready for production

RMK will be displaying their hubless electric motorcycle, the E2, at this year’s EICMA in production-ready form.

Not only will this be the first time the distinctive bike has been displayed in full production trim, it will also mark the first time the E2 has been displayed outside Finland.

We first saw renderings of the E2 in 2018, and since then RMK have been on a mission to make the bike a reality as soon as possible. Since those initial renderings, RMK claimed to have improved the ergonomics and practicality of the bike, while still retaining the unique design.

The E2 is a distinctive bike powered by an electric motor with a hubless rear wheel. RMK claim the E2 will have a range of between 120-180 miles depending on riding conditions, which by current electric bike standards is pretty impressive. Top speed is claimed to be 100mph.

Although the video above shows the E2 in swirly paintwork designed to hide the shape, the bike doesn’t appear to have changed much from the initial design, which in my eyes is a good thing.

The E2 can be pre-ordered right now, with a deposit of €2000, and you’ll need an extra €23,000 to pay for the bike. RMK expect production to begin before the end of the year.



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