Triumph Bajaj deal to be complete by end of 2020

Triumph and Bajaj have been in talks since 2017 about a partnership to build mid-capacity motorcycles, and now all that’s left to do is complete the formal process.

You might recognise Bajaj as the partner of Austrian manufacturer KTM, of which they hold a 48% stake, but the partnership with Triumph is expected to be a non-equity deal. The partnership should see the two manufacturers build mid-capacity bikes under 700cc for not just the Indian market, but the global market as well.

Speaking to Money Control, Bajaj Executive Director, Rakesh Sharma said:

“All the principles of engagement have all been satisfactorily and amicably resolved. These are now embedded in a formal contract, which is in its last stages of preparation. But even as this is happening, there is a good degree of discussion on the manufacturing and R&D side already.”

With development talks already well underway, we shouldn’t have to wait too long until we see the fruits of the new partnership. But what are those fruits likely to look like? With Royal Enfield such a powerhouse in India, you’ve got to think Triumph will be looking to compete. Perhaps we’ll see some smaller Bonneville models to compete with the historic brand. Smaller capacity Bonneville models won’t only be popular in India, either. The retro/classic/hipster/whatever-you-want-to-call-it scene is still hugely popular, and smaller capacity Bonnevilles would fly out of the showrooms.

Expect Triumph to offer some hints at what this partnership could bring at the Milan Show in early November.


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