Energica partner with Dell’Orto for small electric motors

Italian electric bike manufacturer Energica have made an agreement with Dell’Orto to produce electric motors for small and mid-capacity motorcycles.

As well as supplying all the bike for the MotoE championship, Energica also have three models available to the public; the Eva, Ego, and EsseEsse9. All of these models are considered large capacity bikes, and as such carry price tags you would expect to see stuck on a Ducati Panigale. It’s a limited market, to say the least.

The small electric bike market (8-30kW), on the other hand, is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, and we already see Gogoro dominating in Taiwan. Electrek say this sector of the market has grown in Europe by 79% already this year.

Energica and Dell’Orto will be partnering to bring these smaller motors to major manufacturers around the globe, they won’t be producing their own small electric bike. At least, not initially. In much the same way we see many manufacturers using Bosch electronic systems, in the not too distant feature we could see them using Energica and Dell’Orto electric motors.

Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energica Motor Company S.p.A. said: “Thanks to the know-how acquired and recognized internationally, Energica aims to start the development of this motorization, expanding our offer with a large volumes segment with high potential growth in the world. Our teams are already working on new solutions to meet the new market demands”

Hang on, don’t Dell’Orto make carburettors?! Yeah, or rather, they did. Nowadays they make throttle bodies and fuel systems, among other things, both for manufacturers and the after market.

It’s not clear when we can expect to see these new motors powering new bikes, but more affordable electric bikes can only be a good thing.

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