Valerie Thompson aims for another world record

Valerie Thompson, the world’s fastest female motorcycle racer, is aiming to become the first woman to break the 417.20mph record for a four-wheel blown fuel streamliner.

As you might have guessed from her title, Valerie’s no stranger to going fast. She’s an eight time land speed record holder. She’s entered the 200mph Cub seven times, and the 300mph club once, reaching 328.467mph in the BUB 7 Streamliner.

Running at this year’s SCTA Speed Week at Bonneville Salt Flats on August 10, Valerie will be driving the Treit and Davenport Streamliner, which is powered by two supercharged Dodge Hemi engines, which combine to create over 5000bhp. That sounds like it’ll do the job.

“It’s an honour to attempt my first four-wheel record with a Bonneville legend like Marlo Treit and his accomplished team. With 5,000 horsepower, I’m guaranteed the ride of a lifetime and hopefully, writing a new page in motorsports history.”

If both weather and track conditions are good enough, Valerie could not only become the first woman to exceed 400mph, but also the first to travel at over 500mph in a piston-engined vehicle. That’s jet liner fast. If Valerie hits 500mph, that means she’ll be covering 1 mile in just 7.2 seconds.

Going fast is great. But going that fast? The mind boggles.

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