Somebody built an electric Honda Grom

The Honda Grom/MSX125 is a great bike with the standard air-cooled 125cc engine, but the guys over at Electrobraap thought it’d be a good idea to swap that engine with an electric powertrain.

A standard Grom needs just 8bhp from the engine to put a huge smile across the rider’s face. This electric Grom produces somewhere in the region of, wait for it… 50bhp! As you might expect, the bike accelerates at a fair lick, even lifting the front wheel under power!

The guys haven’t just bodged some batteries and an electric motor in there – well, there probably was a bit of bodging – they used the powertrain from an Alta Motors Redshift. It was designed to compete with thoroughbred petrol motocross machines, and now it’s in a Grom!

The guys at Electrobraap did a stellar job shoehorning the battery and motor into a bike that is less than half the size of the Alta, and if it weren’t for the huge, dinner plate rear sprocket, the bike could easily pass as a production model.

Is this the fastest and most powerful Grom on the planet? It must be, right? Hopefully the Electrobraap guys will do some more testing with the bike so we can find out what it’s really capable. I imagine the acceleration is pretty terrifying with such a short wheelbase, so to truly use all of the motor perhaps a longer swingarm would be necessary? Electric Grom drag bike? Do it.

Source: Electrek



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