Patents reveal Kawasaki radar plans

Recently published patents have revealed Kawasaki’s plans to add front and rear radar to their bikes to read the bike’s surroundings.

The description of the device is pretty vague, and written in patent language, but it states the radar device (at least on the front) will be able to read the speed of other vehicles on the roads, and transmit that data to the rider.

Why would radar be useful on a bike, you can see what’s in front of you, right? Yeah, but come on, everybody has a lapse in concentration every now and then. And how about at night, or in thick fog? A radar device warning you of the rapidly slowing vehicle in front of you could be the difference between getting home safe and going home via the hospital.

I’m all for the advancement of technology and making motorcycling safer, without taking away any of the fun, so I’m really intrigued by this patent from Kawasaki.  If nothing else, it shows really intent on their part to really drive motorcycling forward from a technological standpoint.

Could the radar be used in future as part of an automated riding system? Perhaps, but I don’t really see how automation would work with motorcycles, where minute direction changes and changes of body position effect every part of the bike.

Imagine riding along, relaxed, when all of a sudden your bike pulls a swift brake and swerve manoeuvre. How would you react to that, having no prior knowledge of said manoeuvre? And how would your reactions effect what the bike was doing?



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