Italian rider sets new speed record on water

Luca Colombo has topped Robbie Maddison’s previous top speed of 58mph, recording a maximum speed of 64mph on Lake Como.

Despite breaking the record, things didn’t go completely to plan for Luca. Once he reached 64mph, his emergency inflatable system activated, meaning he had to complete the run with a huge pool noodle partially obscuring his view.

Luca used a modified Honda CRF450R to set the new record, which was equipped with nautical skis and a special paddle rear tyre designed to push all 205kg of bike and rider through the water.

After completing the feat, Luca said:

“I am really satisfied, I wanted this record and it was very hard to reach even one more single km/h. You never know what’s going to happen every time I place my bike on the water. This year everyone really made a great effort, from Giorgio Lumini and Angelo Pezzano, that have been following me with their great professionalism, to the Red Moto team that supported me in every requests and all the partners that gave their contributions to this challenge, because this record doesn’t belong just to me. Without their support this would be impossible. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart!”

We’re gunna stick to riding on dry land, so Robbie, the ball’s in your court.

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