Ian Galvin designs incredible sci-fi bikes

There are some amazingly talented and creative individuals out there, and one of those talented people, Ian Galvin, likes to design amazing motorcycles with his deep pool of artistic talents.

I stumbled upon Ian’s work thanks to a Bike Exif post on Instagram, and immediately fell in love with his sci-fi hoverbikes and tankbikes. After having a quick snoop through Ian’s page, it became apparent that Ian loves motorcycles, and is a pretty handy rider, too. So I got in touch to ask him about his love for two wheels and his designs.

“My first real interest in motorcycles was sparked in college,” says Ian. “My dad rode for years but I was strangely never really interested. Then I designed a new concept bike for Vincent Motorcycles for my senior thesis and everything changed. All of my buddies from college were the same way, several of us from that class went on to buy bikes or work in the industry because of it. My good friend Dave Mucci is a professional bike builder now; I think he might even have his scale model from our course.

“I love bikes because short of stealing a fighter jet off the tarmac there isn’t a more easily secured sense of freedom and impunity than handling a motorcycle well. Anyone can get on a bike and ride it down the highway, but I love that even if I spend everyday training on a bike I will still never fully perfect it. The rawest version of what I’m talking about can be found at the racetrack. Motorcycle track days are hands down the most fun you can have and I do them as often as possible. When I moved back to the Midwest with my wife my dad and I started doing track days together and they’re something I really treasure.”

You might have noticed Ian’s designs don’t feature many traditional design elements, and that’s because Ian is an absolute sucker for sci-fi and the cyberpunk genre: “Most of my inspiration comes from science fiction; I’ve been a sci-fi nerd as far back as I can remember. Finding cyberpunk after college and learning about its roots has been a huge influence. I really enjoy mashing together unexpected elements that surprise people and feel a little bit like you’re getting a look into the future in a way that feels real, fun and exciting. I’m always chasing that feeling of seeing The Matrix the first time or when I first read Snowcrash; and I want to share that with other people.”

What does a man who squarely has one eye on the future think of the current state of motorcycling?


“I love that some brands are getting back to their roots and I love that BMW just debuted that new all electric Vision DC Concept,” continues Ian. “There’s so many cool bikes right now. If I had any critique it would be of the marketplace, not the supply. I was talking with some of my friends recently and one of them commented that he thinks he wasn’t meant to live in America. The lifestyle he was wishing for is just harder to find here than in Europe. Motorcycles are seen as toys by the majority of the country. They’re niche products that are used by hobbyists. I appreciate how much bikes are just a part of life in the rest of the world. There are Sunday afternoon riders in the UK waving at little old ladies, there are whole families commuting to work in Vietnam on a single bike with a third the power of my Speed Triple.

“I don’t want everyone to love bikes as much as I do, I just wish more people took the time to understand them and the people that ride them a little more. If they did they might get interested themselves. I always try to be a positive ambassador when I’m out on the road and if I convince one person to hop on a bike then I’ll be happy.”

To check out more of Ian’s work, you can head to his Instagram page, or his official website.

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