Honda ADV 150 unveiled in Indonesia

Honda have taken the wraps off the ADV 150, an adventure scooter similar to the popular X-ADV, thought to be exclusive to Indonesia.

Unveiled at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show, the new model will be powered 149cc SOHC single-cylinder engine which Honda claim produces 14bhp. Much like the PCX125, the ADV also features Honda’s Idling Stop System, which when activated cuts the ignition at a standstill. A good idea to cut emissions, but in practice it means there’s a bit of a delay in setting off, which could be a bit annoying when you’ve filtered to the front of a queue of traffic.

In keeping with the rugged looks, the 14 inch front and 13 inch rear wheel are shod with dual purpose tyres. The ADV 150 comes with ABS or Honda’s Combined Braking System, depending on the buyer’s choice. And just look at those shiny remote reservoirs on the rear shocks!

Much like the X-ADV, the ADV 150 has super-wide handlebars. Perfect for barging through inner city traffic. The ABS-equipped ADV 150 will be available for Rp 36.5 million, while the CBS variant will cost Rp 33.5 million.

As far as I can tell there’s nothing particularly special about the ADV 150, at least mechanically, but the fact that Honda have added another scooter to the X-ADV family is interesting. When Honda unveiled the concept for the X-ADV back in 2015 everybody thought they’d gone mad. But despite the initial reaction, the X-ADV has been incredibly popular. Probably because it’s bloody good to ride. Between January and September 2018, the X-ADV even outsold the BMW R1200GS in Italy.

Kymco saw how well the X-ADV was doing and unveiled their own adventure scooter concept in 2017; the C Series Concept. It hasn’t yet made it to production, but perhaps the adventure scooter market could be the next big thing? I’d love to see a 300cc X-ADV. Let’s be honest, 125cc isn’t quite enough performance on the open road. Yeah, 300cc is just about perfect. Plenty of oomph but without the heft of the 750cc X-ADV. And believe me, the X-ADV is a seriously large machine.

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