Harley-Davidson trademark Bareknuckle name

American manufacturer Harley-Davidson have recently trademarked the name Bareknuckle, almost exactly a year after they teased several upcoming models.

Of the bikes Harley teased us with last year, only two of them were unnamed, and would suit the Bareknuckle name. The first is the all black streetfighter, and the second is the more traditional, 1250cc custom model.

Both bikes look incredibly menacing, and Bareknuckle wouldn’t look out of place on either, but I reckon, contrary to other media outlets, that the squat, custom machine will be the one to display the Bareknuckle name.

Just look at the low stance and fat tyres on the 1250cc custom model. Sure, it won’t perform as well as the streetfighter model, but it looks so more mean and aggressive, which I think suits the Bareknuckle name a little more.

So if the custom model is the Bareknuckle, where does that leave the streetfighter model? Wince Harley already have the Street 750, which doesn’t look too dissimilar, I reckon Harley could simply call it the Street, or Streetfighter. A little dull, yes, but not every bike needs to have a slightly cheesy name, does it?

The first bikes from Harley’s 2018 tease are expected to arrive in 2020, so the Bareknuckle could be unveiled as early as November this year, at EICMA.

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