Gogoro enters shared electric scooter market

Electric scooter manufacturer Gogoro are now getting in on the ride sharing game, with the launch of their new GoShare network.

You could be forgiven for thinking Gogoro already had their own scooter sharing network in Paris and Berlin, but while those networks do use Gogoro scooters, they’re actually run by Coup. If you want to ride a Gogoro scooter at present, you’ll have to rent one via Coup, or buy one in the only country they’re currently available: Taiwan.

Gogoro are doing pretty well in Taiwan. They currently have 97% of the national electric scooter market. Pretty impressive for a company that’s less than 10 years old.

The company has chosen Taoyuan, Taiwan as the location for the first test of the GoShare program, where they will provide 1000 Gogoro scooters (presumably the new Gogoro 3) to the 2.2million residents. We assume Gogoro already has a pretty hefty network of battery-swapping stations in the region, so they don’t have to worry about costly and timely infrastructure development.

Potential customers will have to use the GoShare to locate a scooter for their ride. They’ll also be able to see other GoShare users currently on the move, as well as the battery capacity of scooters currently available. The app will make use of facial recognition to unlock the scooters for you to use.

As you can probably tell, we’re big fans of Gogoro here at Motofire, so obviously we’re pretty excited by this latest development, and we can’t wait to hear where Gogoro go next – they’ve already teamed up with Yamaha. Personally, we’d love to see them in the UK to buy, but it’s far more likely they’ll expand to other cities and countries in Asia first.

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