Riding a motocross bike down waterslides looks terrifying

Some people look at almost vertical waterslides and think ‘no thanks’, others ask for the water to be turned off so they can ride a motocross bike down them. Josh Hill is one of the others.

Josh and his buddies at Monster Energy managed to get access to Palm Springs waterpark to film the epic video above, which features Josh doing things that completely boggles the mind. Some of the waterslides look scary enough to even slide down in a pair of trunks – you know, as they were intended to be used – let alone ride down on an Alta electric motocross bike.

Josh drops in on one of those super-steep straight slides, and even manages a full upside down loop on an absolutely monstrous slide.

The video raised a question for me. Does the popularisation of electric bikes make this stuff easier to perform? Would the waterpark management have been as happy to let Josh ride a two-stroke up and down those slides, I wonder? I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d turned round and said no. The fact Josh used the Alta Redshift MX meant there was no noise pollution and no hazardous chemicals, such as petrol or oil, potentially polluting the park.

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