2020 Indian Challenger leaked

Details of the upcoming Indian Challenger have been leaked, after a dealer posted a video from the firm’s US dealer conference.

The dealer quickly deleted the video, but thankfully were quick off the mark to save the video and upload it themselves.

The new bagger will be powered by an all-new, liquid-cooled engine dubbed the Powerplus 108. The 108 likely doesn’t correlate to the power or torque of the new engine, rather, it’s to do with the size. Always ones for doing things different, our friends across the pond like to measure their engines in cubic inches. That means the new engine has a capacity of 1770cc. That might sound excessive, but Indian already have several models over 1800cc, and competitors Harley-Davidson have plenty larger than 1700cc. say a source told them the new engine will produce 120bhp.

As is standard with most bagger motorcycles, the Challenger gets a huge front fairing, which features what appears to be a central halogen headlight, surrounded by more LED lights. It bears more than a passing resemblance to the headlight setup of the Kawasaki H2.

With the new bike being touted as a 2020 model, it’s likely we could see the official unveiling soon. Indian don’t usually hold their launches at the larger trade shows in Milan or Cologne, so it’s likely we could see the Indian Challenger as early as this week at the Sturgis Rally.


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