Of course somebody put a turbo on a Yamaha Niken

Some absolute mad lad from Australia has taken a Yamaha Niken, ridden it, thought “nah, that’s not enough”, then put a great big turbocharger on the engine.

Opening paragraph aside, I don’t think it’s as mad an idea as it first seems. The Niken is powered by the same three-cylinder engine as the MT-09, which Yamaha claim pumps out 113bhp and 64ftlb of torque.

Those are pretty respectable figures for a bike like the MT-09, which weighs 188kg. But the Niken has an extra wheel, which pushes the weight upto 263kg. Take that weight into consideration and the advertised 113bhp suddenly seems a little inadequate, so why not bolt on a turbocharger?

Trooper Lu’s Garage, based in New South Wales, are the ones behind the mod, and they claim it bumps the power output upto 150bhp at the back wheel, while also significantly increasing torque across the rev range. They also added a host of other top notch parts, including an Akrapovic exhaust system, adjustable KYB forks, and… a top box.

I’ve not ridden a Niken, or a turbocharged bike for that matter, but I reckon the Niken, with it’s extra stability up front is a good bike to turbocharge, while still remaining sensible. It still looks naff, though.

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