Industrial Moto build one-off sidecar for motovlogger

Last month we featured the awesome Grom Utility Sidecar built by Industrial Moto, and now the guys from Virginia have built a one-off mini sidecar for motovlogger Iamsoulless and his brother.

Iamsoulless (real name Chris) got in touch with Tyler Haynes at Industrial Moto to ask if he could build a Grom sidecar for his younger brother, Nick, who has Angelman Syndrome. Chris is Nick’s full time carer, and he wanted his brother to be able to experience the thrill of a motorcycle.

Not only did Tyler agree to build a special sidecar from Chris and Nick, he also completed the build at cost, covered the shipping costs of Chris’s Grom, and got to work right away – despite the waiting list for the Utility Sidecar. Chris’s YouTube followers also got wind of the project, and quickly sprung into action, setting up a GoFundMe campaign to fund the build. The costs was reached in just three days.

Chris took delivery of the bike recently, and immediately hit the road with Nick by his side, smiling the entire ride.

Tyler used a Utility Sidecar as the starting point for the build, designing it to accommodate Nick safely on the move. To that end there’s a bucket seat and adjustable grab rail, as well as an independent shock absorber.

Source: Bikeexif

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