Husqvarna unveil EE 5 electric bike

Husqvarna have today unveiled their first electric bike, the EE 5, which is equivalent to kids’ 50cc minibikes such as the KTM 50 SX.

The Swedish manufacturer claim the 5kW machine will be able to compete with any conventional motorcycle in the same class, and features six different riding modes. Husqvarna say the EE 5 will deliver two hours of riding for beginners, and 25 minutes for more experienced racers. Once it’s flat, it can be fully charged in just 70 minutes.

The EE 5 isn’t just a shrunken motocross machine, not by any stretch. The bodywork has been specially designed to make riding easier for kids, and the ride height can be adjusted as your child grows. Pretty neat.

This might be ‘just’ a minibike, but that doesn’t mean Husqvarna have skimped on the bike. The EE 5 features WP suspension front and rear, hydraulic disc brakes and NEKEN handlebars. The EE 5 is available now, for £4,499, but that doesn’t include the charger.

The electric minibike market is perhaps the most competitive segment when it comes to electric bikes. OSET, Revvi and Kuberg are all competing for your kids’ affection, and it’s great that a brand with such off-road heritage as Husqvarna has now joined the party. If the EE 5 is a precursor to full-sized electric off-road machines, then I can’t wait.


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