Honda registers designs for CB125X and CB125M

Honda revealed two pretty stunning concepts back at EICMA in November 2018, the CB125X and CB125M, and now the Big H has registered those designs with the European Patent Office. Could we see the bikes in production soon?

You might find it a little hard to get excited about the X and M, since they’re only 125cc bikes, but just look how awesome they look! If I was 17 again I would absolutely be after one of these bikes. The fact they look so cool shouldn’t come as a surprise, both bikes were designed by the folks at Honda’s R&D department in Rome. That’ll be the same guys that came up with the X-ADV.

Of course we are limited to what we can see in the pictures of the two concept bikes, but it appears that both bikes are based on the CB125R, using the same frame and engine as the naked bike. Perhaps – in the case of the CB125M, at least, the same forks and swingarm, too.

The fact that the bikes are based on a current platform, leads me to believe there’s a large possibility we could see these bikes in production soon. Perhaps they could even be shown at this year’s EICMA, with production set to begin in 2020.

I think the CB125X (that’s the adventure-styled one) would make a great addition to the 125cc market. There aren’t any 125cc adventure bikes at present and a bike of such stature would be inviting to taller riders. Also it looks really cool. I kind of like the asymmetrical CRF250L, but it doesn’t look half as aggressive as the CB125X. Thankfully the patent rendering for the X appears almost identical to the concept bike.

I’m slightly more confused by the CB125M. Yeah, it looks super cool and sleek, but I can’t see it offering anything more than the current CB125R other than those looks. Dynamically it would be too close to the R, surely?


Ok, so it’s got a bench seat.

It’s a big thumbs up for the CB125X, and a maybe for the not-quite-a-supermoto CB125M. But I have a bigger question.

Where is the CBR125R?

Honda stopped production of the ‘sporty’ (not really) learner-legal bike in 2016. Yeah, they couldn’t ever compete with the two-stroke Aprilia RS125, or the much sportier Yamaha YZF-R125. Honda hedged their bets, not making the CBR125R sporty enough to please those looking for their first sportsbike. And instead the CBR125R just turned into a commuter, that kind of looked like a sportsbike. If you squint. While wearing loads of different lenses in those frames you have to wear at the opticians.

Now two-strokes are dead, so Honda don’t have to worry about being severely outgunned in a straight line. Instead they can make a thoroughly competitive 125cc sportsbike with upside-down forks, a proper sportsbike riding position and mini Fireblade looks.

Honda, make the CB125X, then give the kids a CBR125R they actually want. Then build the M if you’ve got time and enough bits left.

Honestly, this bike building stuff is easy.

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