BMW Vision DC Roadster concept unveiled

BMW today unveiled what they believe their electric bikes of the future could look, with the reveal of the Vision DC Roadster concept.

In creating the Vision DC, BMW also wanted to pay homage to their legendary boxer twin engine, but those protrusions where the cylinders would be on a conventional bike aren’t just for looks. They feature cooling ribs and integrated ventilators to keep the centrally-mounted battery cool. When the bike is turned on the cooling elements move further out, to indicate the bike is ready,

“The Vision Bike shows how we’re able to retain the identity and iconic appearance of BMW Motorrad in distinctive form while at the same time presenting an exciting new type of riding pleasure.” Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design BMW Motorrad.

No internal combustion engine means no need for a fuel tank, so BMW have created the ‘tank’ and seat unit as one, comprised of two matt black spines, supported by tubes attached to the milled aluminium frame. This design, and the positioning of the rear shock means you can look down and see the rear shock working just between your legs as you ride along. How cool is that?!

BMW stuck with their traditional shaft drive, which connects directly to the low slung motor. On the Vision however, the actual shaft drive has been exposed, in keeping with the minimalist industrial aesthetic of the bike.

The wheels look incredible, as do the sawblade brake discs. Even the oversized barbers clippers positioned above the tiny headlight look cool.

The folks have done a brilliant job with the Vision. It’s undeniably a BMW, but it also looks incredibly futuristic. They’ve done an amazing job making it look like a traditional boxer-powered BMW, while also taking those traditional elements of a motorcycle and putting a sci-fi twist on them. It’s just a concept, but if BMW could make a bike that looked anything like this – even if it just utilised the cooling ‘cylinder heads’ – then I think they’d be on to a real winner.

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