Upside down bike fails to reach funding goal

Innovation is great, it’s why we have such amazing motorcycles today, but there’s also a reason the vast majority of motorcycles are, at their core, very similar.

I’m talking exhaust ports at the front of the cylinders, suspension forks, and chain drives. Sure, there are bikes out there with reverse cylinders, funky front-end suspension and belt or shaft drives, but most bikes are pretty conventional.

Enter the Nembo 32, the bike with an upside down engine. Why? Creator Daniele Sabatini says it allows the engine block to be used as part of the chassis, which helps with mass centralisation,. Sabatini also says it helps the engine produce twice the torque of a traditional 1000cc bike, but I reckon that’s got more to do with the fact that the 32 uses a 2000cc engine. Now I don’t know about you, but today’s 1000cc bikes (I’m looking at you 120 Super Duke), already have more torque than I know what to do with. But go big or go home, right?

Sabatini also says the Australian engine allows for a longer swingarm, which in turn means greater stability. Probably a good thing with all that torque.

Nembo which, by the way, means stormy, thundering cloud in Italian, were hoping to raise £2,751,510 via their IndieGoGo campaign, but despite the madness of their creation, failed to pry a single penny from anyone’s wallet.

It’s always a little sad when innovations such as this one don’t make it to fruition. Yeah, it’s absolutely bonkers. But how many people looked at the first engine tied to a bicycle frame and thought it was a good idea? Yet, here we are, writing about just that.


It’s the small companies, and the individuals who own them that produce the really innovative, out there stuff like the 32. I mean, can you seriously imagine any of the big manufacturers doing something like this? The big four have only just started to really think about electric bikes seriously.

Perhaps the Nembus 32 will make a return. I hope so. I leave you with some words from Daniele Sebatini himself: Madness is necessary.*

*probably not all the time.

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