Steve McQueen’s 1968 Husqvarna sounds awesome

Steve McQueen may be known by most people as an effortlessly cool actor, but to those of us who like fast motorcycles and fast cars, he’s probably just as well known for sharing those passions.

One brand in particular will perhaps forever be linked with McQueen, and that’s Husqvarna. But his love for two wheels didn’t start with the Swedish brand. For many years he was in love with Triumphs, but that all changed in 1968.

That year, McQueen watched Swedish motocross racer Bengt Aberg (who went on to become World Champion in 1969 and 1970) competing on a Husqvarna Viking 360 several times in California. After one particular race in Santa Cruz, McQueen bought the bike on the spot. It was the first of many Huqvarnas for McQueen, but it remained the most iconic of his machines. He even appeared on the cover of August 23, 1971 edition of Sports Illustrated, jumping the Huskie while riding topless. See? Effortlessly cool.

That 1968 Viking 360 now lives at Blacksmith Garage, Utah, and they gave the good folks at Petrolicious the opportunity to produce the epic video above, which delves into some of the history of this particular bike, and McQueen’s life on two wheels.

And the price for Steve McQueen’s most iconic motorcycle? Somewhere in the region of $250,000.


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