You didn’t know you needed a Honda Grom sidecar until now

Grom, MSX125. Whatever you call it in your part of the world, you can’t deny the pint-sized two-wheeler from Honda looks great, and if you’ve ridden one you’ll probably agree they’re great fun, too. So how about one with a sidecar attached?

Don’t worry, custom house Industrial Moto have got all your adventure-sidecar-Grom needs covered, with the aptly named Grom Utility Sidecar, otherwise known as Project GUS.

Industrial Moto went for a stripped-back, utilitarian approach with their Grom and sidecar, going so far as to outfit the it with an axe, fishing rod and other outdoorsy-stuff for the official photos. I imagine they went this route because you’d struggle to fit a full-size human in a Grom-sized sidecar.

Either way, we love this little adventure three-wheeler, and imagine it would be great fun to ride off into the sunset on, with all your camping essentials by your side.

And the best bit? You can actually buy the sidecar from Industrial Moto for as little as $1,600. You can choose whether or not to add LED spotlights, the colour of the frame, wheel colour, and the tyre you want on your sidecar. And even though a full-sized human might look a little daft, Industrial Moto went an added a seat and grab bar as an optional extra anyway.

The sidecar has proven popular, too. June’s shipment has already sold out, with the company now taking orders for their July shipment.


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