Watch the OSET 24.0 rip in near silence

UK bike journo Chris Northover is one of those guys that’s annoyingly good at riding bikes. Road bikes, trials bikes, big adventure bikes, he can ride them all to a ridiculously high level, and it’s not fair.

Chris recently teamed up with Influx, to show that those skills he’s spent years honing easily transfer to the new world of electric motorcycles. Electric trials motorcycles to be precise.

Northover took an OSET 24.0 for a spin in the rugged British countryside, and the resulting video is brilliant. Northover floats over rocks with ease and in near silence, not waking the napping wildlife or any ramblers.

It’s worth noting that although the OSET is electric and almost silent it’s still a motorcycles, which means the trails on which you’ll be able to ride it (in the UK at least) will be very limited.

If you like what you see of the OSET 24.0, they’re currently available in the UK for £3,369, which is incredibly cheap when compared with a conventional trials bike. It’s not clear exactly how much power the OSET makes, so it’s difficult to compare it directly with a bike from a manufacturer such as Gas Gas, but they’re cheapest model is still over £6000. Ouch.

Chris has past form riding OSET electric bikes in an epic manner. In 2013 he rode his OSET through the abandoned Russian consulate in London, which included him abseiling through the roof while on the bike.


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