The Lightning Strike electric bike is finally here*

*Deliveries of the Carbon Edition are earmarked to begin in July.

Lightning Motorcycles, the manufacturer behind the fastest production bike in the world – the LS-218 – have finally unveiled the new Lightning Strike. They’ve been teasing us for some time about this bike, and now we know all the details, including the fact that it will be available in three different flavours; Strike Standard, Strike Mid and Strike Carbon Edition.

All three models will use the same liquid-cooled motor, with changes to the top speed, power and battery capacity between each model. The motor is based on the motor used in the LS-218, which in that particular model produces 200bhp. That’s Ducati Panigale V4 territory.

Unfortunately, the new Strike models won’t be producing anywhere near that amount of power. They will, however, be much more affordable than the $46,888 LS-218.

Lightning Strike Standard

The baby bear’s porridge of the new Strike range, the standard model can be yours for $12,998. For that not-at-all-too-bad price, you get a motor that produces 67kW (around 90bhp), and 245Nm of torque. If we’re sticking with the Panigale V4 comparison, then it’s almost double the torque output of the Ducati. *Shocked face emoji*. Lightning say those figures are good for a top speed of 135mph, which is more than respectable.

Being an electric motorcycle, the Strike is fairly heavy. Lightning claim a weight of 206kg, which isn’t super heavyweight territory, but you’ll certainly feel it at slower speeds and when you’re pushing the bike around.


Now, those figures are all pretty good so far, but of course, the most important figure is the range. And in this guise, with the 10kWh battery, the maximum claimed range is 100 city miles. That figure drops to 70 miles if you’re riding on the motorway. Yeah, not great, but if the Strike feels as sporty as it looks, your knees will probably be ready for a good stretch at that point.

When you need some more juice you’ll be able to charge the Strike with a 110C Level 1 connector overnight, or at a Level 2 charging station in 2-3 hours. The standard 3.3kW charger can be upgraded to a 6.6kW charger for an extra $1,500.

Lightning Strike Mid Range

The inventively titled Strike Mid Range is the same as the standard bike, but comes with a 50% larger battery. This increases the range to 105-150 miles (highway/city riding). For this extra range you will have to hand over $16,998, and you’ll have to live with a bike that weighs 5kg more than the standard version.

The charger can once again be upgraded to the 6.6kW unit, which might be a good idea, as the larger battery of the Mid Range model will take longer to charge than that on the standard bike.

Lightning Strike Carbon Edition

The daddy of the Strike family. The Carbon Edition costs $19,998, but for that you get more. More of everything.

The motor produces 90kW (120bhp). That’s more than the current Yamaha R6 (116bhp), and only 8bhp less than the 2019 Kawasaki ZX-6R. That’s pretty tasty. Torque output remains the same across the range at 245Nm. The aforementioned supersport bikes produce nowhere near that amount. To keep up with the more powerful motor, Lightning have fitted the Carbon Edition with a 20kW battery, which bumps the range up to 150-200 miles. The 6.6kW charger – an option on the other two models – comes as standard, as does support for Level 3 DC charging, which will see the battery charged in under 35 minutes.

The Carbon Edition also comes with full carbon fibre body panels (you probably guessed that already), Brembo monoblock brakes, Öhlins suspension front and rear, and a nifty AIM Strada racing dash, complete with lap timer and GPS-based data logging capacilities.

Unfortunately, the Strike family will only initially be available in the US, but Lightning are expected to announce plans for international expansion later this year.

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