Keanu Reeves really loves his motorcycles

It’s great when a person simply can’t contain their enthusiasm for a certain subject when they’re talking about it, and that’s exactly what you get when you sit Keanu Reeves down and ask him to talk about motorcycles.

Men’s magazine GQ sat down with Keanu at the Arch Motorcycle factory, and proceeded to film the unfiltered enthusiasm and love that burst forth from the Canadian actor.

Reeves – of The Matrix, Bill and Ted, John Wick and that film with something about letters and a house on a lake, fame – has been riding since the ’80s, and owns a 1973 Norton Commando 850 Mk2A, which he absolutely loves and spends a lot of time riding. He is also the co-founder of Arch Motorcycles, who build some pretty crazy looking bikes, such as the KRGT-1, 1S, and the completely bonkers and gorgeous Method143, which at the moment is only a concept.

“When do you become a collector? When you have more than two? Or more than one? Or more than three? Is it more than three? Then I’m barely a collector!”

Also among Reeves’ collection is the Ducati 998 used in The Matrix Reloaded. He’s also got a ZX-10R exclusively for the track. Nice

When asked what bikes he’d most like to ride, Keanu goes for the classics. A Brough Superior and a Vincent Black Shadow.

Sad Keanu he is not.

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