Nothing says ‘green’ like an electric motorcycle made out of bamboo

The Green Falcon is full of eco-credentials and has a strength ‘similar to steel’.

In 2020 the Philippines government will have mandated the planting of over ten million hectares of bamboo. So with that much raw material around what else are you going to do but build a motorcycle?

That’s the thinking from CEO and Design Director of MEEP (Modular Energy Efficient Portage) Inc, Christopher Paris Lacson at least.

According to Lacson, the 14.5 lbs weight of the seat and housing comes in a lot less heavy than what it would if fabricated out of fibreglass and the strength of the material is ‘similar to steel’.

The double-layered bamboo structure is laminated with marine epoxy and fully covers the batteries and electric motor. The specs aren’t much to shout about, with a range of around 30 miles and a top speed of 75 mph, but that’s not really the point of this exercise.

Lacson says that this project is more ‘about finding new ways to use local resources and inspiring others more than it’s about making money’.


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