This is the bike McGuinness (or Anstey or Johnston) will win the TT Zero with

The only real question for Honda Mugen is which of their three riders will finish in which order.

We often think of ourselves as the standalone champions for the one lap, electric TT Zero; even the official commentators on the races usually treat it with a derivative mix of hatred, confusion and disappointment.

But if we’re being honest, this year even we are struggling to get enthused about what has effectively become a single manufacturer parade.

Despite riders almost unanimously loving the ride offered by the electric superbikes, the competition from other marques just hasn’t arrived and with no major manufacturers involved, we’re left with what is essentially a technical showcase from the Honda-associated Mugen and their Shinden Nana (Nana is a particular Japanese pronunciation for the number Seven).

Couple that with the fact that the specification for this year’s machine is essentially the same as last year’s and it’s not really a golden year for electric-powered racebikes on the TT.

Still, we’ve got some scalloped edges for the fairing to admire, and any TT Trophy for a John McGuiness is a good TT trophy.


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