Superman ditches Triumph for a Ducati just weeks after passing his test

Henry Cavill boasts of Ducati XDiavel S purchase on Instagram.

You may know him as the wearer of a ‘contractually-obliged’ moustache that had to be CGI’d out out (poorly) in the recent Justice League movie, but the people of Ducati know him as the purchaser of a brand-spanking-new Ducati XDiavel S.

Sat on his machine for an Instagram post – in what looks like a Ducati Workshop – the British Superman actor can be seem beaming from ear-to-ear, moustache-less but extremely happy.

Accompanied by text detailing that it’s a purchase he gifted himself after passing his test (Superman doesn’t need to start out slowly on a small capacity machine!?) Cavill is confident that he can handle all 158hp,

“Another little event in my life that I’ve kept under my hat for a bit. After I passed my test I gifted myself 158 horses, alllll contained in this here steel horse! For those of you out there who may panic and say that it’s too big a bike, worry not. There are 3 riding modes…all the way from I’m ready, I can handle this to Beyonce’s Jelly. It’s been locked away for a bit due to the wintery-ness that we’ve been experiencing in the UK but i will take full advantage of the sunshine when it comes back!”

He only passed his test a few weeks ago – after letting everyone know about that on his Instagram also – and whilst it looks like he used a Triumph machine, was given some Triumph gear and generally used his A-list status to blag as much stuff as possible (and who can blame him!), it would appear that the loyalty to the British brand only lasted as long as it took for the cheque to dry on his Ducati ‘Low Speed Excitement‘ cruiser!

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