Prince William is riding around London on a Ducati Hypermotard now

The future King of England is still riding motorcycles around the capital.

Gossip blogs have been having a lovely old time with the British royals of late. First there was the news of another new baby, almost immediately afterwards Meghan Markle decided to say yes to the other Prince and then William visited the Triumph factory and rode one for a bitdespite his wife apparently not liking him doing so!

And now, what’s this? Shock! Horror!

The Prince has trashed both his wife’s trust and Triumph’s honour by deciding to ride his Ducati Hypermotard through the streets of South London whilst on his way to Football practice.

William has been known to enjoy his rides incognito beneath a helmet and he’s always appeared to be loyal to Ducati when doing so, but this is the second time in a month that Triumph have been dumped by a being of supposed supernatural blood for the allure of an Italian motorcycling mistress!

(Also, it looks like he’s riding the streets in a pair of trainers and grey, jogging pants? Surely someone can hook him up with a set of leathers or an Aerostich?)

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