Finally! The Husqvarna Vitpilen and Svartpilen beauties are on sale

Everyone who has been saving their money since their announcement in 2015 can finally break open the piggy bank.

Ok, we’re going to boast a little bit here. Whilst we collectively ‘lost our shit’ over the announcement of the Husqvarna Vitpilen and Svartpilen concepts being released at EICMA in 2015, the other UK journalists that we spoke to at the time all replied with a unified ‘meh‘, ‘whatever‘ and ‘they’re just tarted up KTMs‘.

Seriously. Whilst everyone ran off to whatever the next, random reveal was at the end of that evening in November of 2015, it was pretty much just us left staring at the new bikes with our jaws on the floor. Well, us and the designer Maxime Thouvenin. It was literally just us from MF, Maxime himself and a couple of Husqy/Kiska design colleagues remaining on the floor.

It was the perfect time to do a quick interview and we ended up with the exclusive news that it was to be Thouvenin who had been offered the job to continue with the design of all Husqvarna production models moving forward.

Now, we would love to think that it was our single, enthusiastic voice at the time that made the rest of the stale, dead-inside press change their minds over the coming weeks and years, but – quite frankly – the desire for these machines was set in stone from the moment that the photos from within the press kit started to hit design forums and the mainstream press online that people started to change their minds.

The design language was unique, perhaps even radical when compared to everything else out at the time and it was different enough to really make the jump from ‘just another motorcycle’ to something that maybe, just maybe, people will put up on their bedroom walls and begin dreaming of riding one day.


Well, now that time has come people. Because by the end of March, the Husqvarna Vitpilen 401, Svartpilen 401 and Svartpilen 701 will all be available to buy from dealers.

In Europe the two 401-based machines are already within showrooms, with the Svartpilen 701 joining them by the close of the month, and Husqvarna promise that North American, South American, Asian and Australian markets will have bikes in dealers before the end of April.

Pricing is very specific based upon region – so you’re encouraged to check with your local markets before smashing open that piggy bank – but here within the UK, the RRP of the Svartpilen 401 is £5,599, the Vitpilen 401 is £5,599 and the larger Svartpilen 701 will set buyers back a little more at £8,899.

Now go… Go MF’ers… Head to your dealers and prove to the world that when a motorcycle manufacturer actually makes an effort and looks to the future with their design language that we will all pay attention.

Also, tell them to make that Aero fairing from the 401 concept available as an add-0n!

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