Yamaha offers new (paper) motorcycles for free!

That’s right folks! Yamaha is letting you get that dream bike you have always wanted… for free!

Who wouldn’t want a brand new R1M or an MT-10 for nothing? Well, not you can, although there is a small catch. You have to assemble them yourself. Oh, and they are made out of paper!

‘Papercraft’ in Japan is a big deal, and Yamaha are now offering a new set of realistic (and ULTRA realistic) copies of many of their machines for free, with downloads to print at home. Be aware though, you may need to stock up on paper… Papercraft projects can take hundreds or even thousands of sheets of A4. Also make sure you have plenty of ink!

Yamaha’s projects range from a still daunting 150 sheet “easy” build all the way upwards of 700+ sheet ultra-realistic models. You can find a list of their downloads here: Yamaha PaperCraft

If you have done of of these, or decide to take on the challenge of making one, please post pictures in the comments below. And if you don’t have pictures because you crumpled all of it into a big ball of frustration, tell us about that too!

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