What in the name of all that is Holy, IS THIS NONSENSE?!

Yamaha make motorcycles, and Yamaha make musical instruments. LET’S DO THIS!

Whilst we’ve got our ‘all motorcycle marketing is shit‘ heads on, let’s double-down and take a look at the latest Yamaha MotoGP video that shows the young, exciting rider with the greatest name of all time, Maverick Vinales ‘getting down’ (as we believe the young people say) with the slightly less young, but certainly young-at-heart Valentino Rossi.


For starters it looks like one of those weird ‘Mystery Guest?’ rounds from the BBC’s A Question of Sport from the mid-1980s AND if Yamaha are so good at making instruments then perhaps they could have composed some music that isn’t the kind of crap that wouldn’t be out of place in a 1992 advert for a local kids laser tag venue!

MotoGP is the greatest motor sport on the planet right now, with racing so exciting that there is no way that anybody who actually took the time to watch it could ever deny this as fact. We just need to get more people in and watching in order to convert them. We don’t think this is going to get any of the kids down to their local CBT/motorcycle training centre, or rushing out to get their BT SPORT subscription renewed anytime soon, do you?


Okay. We’re done now and off for a lie-down. Carry on as you were. 

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