Pando Moto make motorcycle clothing for real people

Every now and then, we’ll get all excited at a company who is attempting to do things a little bit differently.

In the past we may have lost our proverbial cool over the new catalogue releases of clothing manufacturers like Icon. Now, it’s an up and coming company from Lithuania that’s got us all giddy.

Made from a mixture of state-of-the-art but safe components, the Pando Moto guys haven’t skimped on the protective aspects of motorcycling gear, and – more importantly – they haven’t forgotten that sometimes motorcyclists might actually want to look like modern, stylish human beings either.

Maybe it’s our preference for decent tailored clothing, made from material that is actually nice to feel, rather than the usual plastic-esque, loose-fitting fare that we’re so often forced into buying, but the tapered, classic casual wear collection for 2018 that we’ve been flicking through recently has made us wonder why all town and commuter riders aren’t dressing like this.

Seriously, look at these Karl jeans…

Their style is definitely ‘biker’, with stretch panels reminiscent of race leathers in the areas that a rider is going to actually need their trousers to stretch, but you wouldn’t feel ashamed rocking up to the office in these would you? Or even wearing them for grabbing a drink after work without having to sit ashamed in the corner with your massive, shiny black pants that make that awkward ‘sswwssshhh’ noise every time you walk.


And of course they’re lined by genuine Kevlar, come with armour and made from Cordura coolmax denim; so they’re protective too.

Looking for something that you can actually wear to your latest FinTech Startup pitch? Maybe we haven’t been looking hard enough, but this might be the first time we’ve ever seen Chino-esque looking trousers that offer genuine, motorcycle necessary protection.

Short of making them available in Salmon Pink and corduroy we’re not sure what else the company could do to make their Mark Desert trouser appeal to the city slicker crowd.

Sure, they do the Camo stuff that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a 1990’s Streetfighter meet-up (and you know that stuff is starting to come back into fashion right?), but we’ve been really surprised after looking at the quality of the designs coming through from the firm.

And they actually make women’s clothing that doesn’t patronise or treat the female rider as some sort of pink-chasing, flower-obsessed lunatic either…

We can’t vouch for the quality or the level of protection on a practical level because we haven’t seen any of the kit in person, but from a style perspective, and from the angle of ‘maybe people will ride bikes more if they actually looked cool doing it!’ then we reckon Pando Moto are onto a winner.

Have you ridden in any of their care? Can you vouch for their quality (or lack thereof)? We’d love to hear from you…

And what other brands do you think we should be featuring? Let us know.

Disclaimer: Motofire haven’t received any money or even free product in exchange for this article, and it did genuinely start out as a piece about the state of motorcycle clothing available before we got distracted by the new 2018 Pando Moto catalogue.

With all that said, if Pando Moto want to send us stuff to wear on our next trip to the shops, we absolutely wouldn’t refuse. Just saying… 

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