Triumph sold 63,404 motorcycles in 2017

Official 2017 financial year results show a pretty positive view from the British manufacturer.

With increased turnover, vastly improved earnings and over 7000 more bikes sold in 2017 than 2016, the report published from Triumph outlining their financial earnings should have the rest of the industry looking over their shoulders.

Buoyed by the launches of their new Bonneville bikes – and with specific praise and recognition being lavished onto the Bobber – the profit (before any exceptional costs) has increased from £8.1m to £24.7m.

“In the face of continuing challenging economic and currency conditions, including Brexit, Triumph Group has performed strongly and has maintained its commitment and investment in research and development, with a view to furthering the continuous improvements of its products.”

Whilst we’ve not been able to review the entire financial documents and this is an interpretation of a Triumph press release, with many manufacturers suffering with the reduction in global sales and with Triumph specifically having to contend with uncertainty surrounding the UK’s leaving of the EU, the initial results can only be seen as positive.

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