Limited Edition paint for your Indian?

Henry Ford said “The customer can have a car painted any color they want, as long as it’s black”.

Oh, how the times have changed.

One of the most striking and standout features of our bikes is the paint. The color we choose says a lot about the image we want to portray. Perhaps a black-on-black scheme for that unstated bad boy look (or Batman). Or maybe something wild, a multi-colored scream in your face art deco masterpiece.

Well Indian is now catering to the latter crowd with their new Icon Series. Available on the Roadmaster and Scout model, these paint colors are designed to set your bike apart from the crowd. Also, Indian did a smash up job with the names, with colors like: Solar Flare Yellow, Dirt Track Smoke, Thunder Black, Black Hills Gold, Mesa Red, and Snakeskin Green.

We think these new options look stellar.

Which one would you choose? (The correct answer is the Solar Flare Yellow Scout, obviously)

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