Energica win the race to supply bikes for the e-MotoGP

From 2019 MotoGP will have it’s own electric motorcycle racing class, and the bikes will be based on the production Energica Ego.

A few companies were in the running for the contract to supply Dorna and MotoGP with the base for their electric motorcycle class – US giant Polaris, their smaller compatriot Lightning and Belgian upstart Saroléa all made moves. But it’s the Italian streetbike manufacturer that came past the flag first.

Conceived as a single-make and model class from 2019, the focus for Dorna has been on proving the technology through providing what they hope will be close, entertaining racing rather than a pure, manufacturer development ‘arms race’ along the same vein in which the TT Zero has become.

The model chosen for the task is the Energica Ego. Bringing with it as it does 145 horsepower equivalent motor and a top speed of 150 mph. It does this however with a weight of around 258kg and a stock battery of 11.7 kWh.

The exact nature and format of the racing is still to be developed, so we have no details as to how many laps, if bikes or batteries will be swapped or what rules the teams will be given the opportunity to bend, but we do know that it’s going to be an interesting few years in the electric motorcycle arena.


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