Yamaha and Rossi tested HUGE aero wings today!

You can hate on them all you like, but aerodynamic ‘wings’ are definitely here to stay.

We’re neither aerodynamic experts or clever enough to spot the majority of the engineering changes between different year MotoGP motorcycles, but even with our limited knowledge we can tell that the wings ridden by Valentino Rossi during today’s Valencia tests are pretty, pretty big.

We’re not sure how much difference they actually made though, because Rossi’s teammate Vinales was the quickest in today’s sessions on a 2016 YZF-M1, and – confusingly for the Yamaha engineers – Johan Zarco came second on his 2017 satellite Yamaha Tech 3.

Still, Rossi got to look more like Batman – so there’s that we suppose.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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    Tyler Hammond

    November 17, 2017 at 05:44

    I have been a motorcyclist and a aircraft tech for 30 years. I personally am quite excited about the wings…..there are so many things that aerodynamics can do…next: slats, vortex generator/destroyers, rudder, kruger flaps, maybe even back to the dustbin style……im excited about it.

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