Royal Enfield Himalayan to hit USA

Indian firm’s single-cylinder adventure bike set to mount United States challenge.

The adventure bike scene is absolutely huge right now. Companies like BMW, KTM, and Ducati are cranking out bigger and more powerful ADV bikes as fast as they can dream them up. The Japanese manufacturers haven’t missed the boat either with the Super Tenere, Africa Twin and V-Strom 1000 also catering to that big ADV lifestyle. But what if, less is more?

As of late, we are starting to see a trend in the “baby” ADV market. Bikes with all of the style and flair of their bigger siblings, without all that added weight to pick up when you inevitably knock it over. Royal Enfield thought of this a few years back and released the Himalayan. While this bike has been out in the European market for over a year now, Royal Enfield has decided to bring it to the United States.

If you need a quick refresher on what a Himalayan is all about, it’s a 411cc single cylinder, making 25hp, and weighing 410lbs ADV bike designed to look and feel like something straight out of the 60’s. But is this the right move for the US market? Well, if nothing else, their Youtube ad sure has my wanderlust peaked:

While the bike is aimed at being super simple and basic, the Himalayan coming to the United states comes with fuel injection and a gear indicator. Nice touches for a bike that can be had for the lowly sum of $4499 brand new. My biggest complaint is the sheer lack of power. I mean 25hp, come on, Ninja 250’s made more that that. But a Royal Enfield did manage to pull 58 people on one bike, so perhaps we have no room to talk.

Will this bike have a big impact on the US market? I highly doubt it. But I still look forward to riding one myself to find out!

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