New Delhi streets to get all-female motorcycle police units

New Delhi launch all-female police motorcycle squad in attempt to reduce violence against women.

As reports of violence against women rise and rise in the Indian capital, a new ‘Speed’ squad of around 600 policewomen will now be tasked with riding in pairs throughout the city – armed with guns, pepper spray, body cameras and riding motorcycles.

WIth threats towards woman and gitls within the country worsening over recent years, the ‘robust street criminal containment strategy’ is a concerted attempt by local officials to increase the visibility of police whilst highlighting the problem of gender violence.

Since 2012, crimes commited against women have almost doubled to nearly 12,000 acts of assault and kidnapping having been recorded since the beginning of 2017 alone.

“There will be a specifically designed helmets with ear-pieces. The pillion will carry a weapon like an AK-47 rifle and the rider carrying a 9 mm pistol … They will have all the accessories to make them effective on the ground.”

With public awareness being raised since a fatal gang-rape of a 23 year-old student on a bus in December 2012, it’s hoped that the female only motorcycle squad will help with awareness but also in the evidence gathering process of sensitive, sexual violence cases.

Source: Straits Times

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1 Comment

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    Joonil Park

    November 27, 2017 at 15:16

    amazing news…so badass!

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