Honda’s new Nigerian Ace110 costs $600 USD

That’s 220,000 Nigerian Naira to you.

Honda already have the Ace125 available in Nigeria – which they say is very popular with business users – but now those business riders have the CG110 derived Ace110 to choose from as well.

Launched today in the country, the Ace110 has a 45% larger tank than the Cg110, a more comfortable sear and stronger suspension. It’ll also be made locally in Ogun State, Nigeria.

It’s very basic of course, with drum brakes front and back, what looks like just a kickstarter and a simple, air-cooled, carb’d motor, but for the equivalent of $600 US Dollars it seems like an absolute bargain to us.

In 2015, just over one million motorcycles were sold in Nigeria and Honda predict over 80,000 sales of the Ace110 in 2018 with over 110,000 the following year.


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