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Could John McGuinness ride the Isle of Man TT for Norton?



Do a bizarre series of tweets hints at a new TT team for the Isle of Man TT legend?

The issues between John McGuinness and Honda during the 2017 season are well documented. A crash at the North West 200 saw the 23 times TT winner suffer a compound fracture to the bottom of this right leg, four broken vertebrae and three broken ribs and, despite immediately withdrawing both the bikes and then stable-mate Guy Martin from the further racing ‘pending investigation into mechanical issues

Trouble with the new race-prepared CBR1000RR ‘Fireblade’ ECU was later found to be at fault for the horror crash suffered by McGuinness and despite measures being put in place before the TT races began, the always-outspoken Guy Martin suffered his own issues, crashing during the race week and described the bike as ‘always going to be wrong‘.

So you couldn’t blame McGuinness for at least wanting to look at his options if he is to continue racing the Mountain course.

Well, at this year’s Motorcycle Live event in Birmingham, McGuinness was doing his usual press work but also – according to reports – spending quite a lot of time at the Norton stand, admiring the new machinery.

Whilst there he was snapped sitting on a Norton Isle of Man TT race motorcycle by none other than Paul Phillips, the man employed by the local government as the ‘TT & Motorsport Development Manager’ and responsible for organising the Isle of Man TT every year. You will notice McGuinness making a ‘Ssshh’ motion with his finger towards his lips…

Which naturally generated a response from the CEO of Norton Motorcycles – and the man in charge of their Twitter presence.

So far, just a cheeky couple of tweets amongst good friends. But then the King of the Mountain himself had to go and tweet a couple of emojis in reply and our view of the whole TT world become shook to its very core…

What can those two ‘Winging Face’ emojis mean?

It all just looks like fun and games doesn’t it? Just a bit of high-spirits during the close season between close friends…

But wait.

To add fuel to the fire, an article from British motorcycle print publisher MCN this morning reports that 16-time TT winner Ian Hutchinson could be on his way to a Honda switch from Tyco BMW after falling out with the team. According to the newspaper, “Honda are expected to have an all new line-up for 2018 after their star rider John McGuinness broke his leg after an incident caused by an electrical fault with his Fireblade at the North West 200.”

It couldn’t happen? Could it?

John McGuinness riding the Isle of Man TT on a Norton for 2018? Now that would be front page news!

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Harley-Davidson release two new, old Sportsters



New Harley Iron 1200 and Forty-Eight Special come with new graphics, chrome and high bars.

There are a lot of new motorcycles coming out of the Harley-Davidson stable – at least one hundred by 2027 in fact, so we can expect a frequent flow of model revisions and changes to be revealed over the coming months and years.

The two new bikes announced today by Harley aren’t hugely new or exciting – but the new graphics are pretty sweet and ape-hanger bars are always worth clinging onto.

‘Since its inception, the Sportster has offered the perfect combination of size, power and character that makes it appealing to so many different riders’ -Brad Richards, Harley-Davidson V.P. of Styling & Design.

The Harley Sportster was introduced in 1957 and has now hit somewhere in the region of 30 varying production models. Along that time owners have got pretty used to stripping their bikes down and customising/re-inventing them. It’s this fact that Harley say they’ve used as inspiration for their two, new machines.

The Forty-Eight Special comes with a tiny 10 litre tank, new, steamroller front-end and 8 inch high Tallboy handlebars. Compared to the regular Forty-Eight, there’s also a lot more chrome.

The Iron 1200 features a ‘fast-back’ café seat, mini-ape black handlebars and a glossy black fly screen. It’s also got more range with a 15 litre tank and fancy colour paint/graphics. There’s also a lot less chrome and a lot more black.

So that’s two more of the 100 bikes out of the way.  And a new electric just around the corner


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Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle will be a ‘Revelation’ (according to trademark filings)



Harley-Davidson trademark casts revelatory eye into future of their electric motorcycle plans.

If you were to have said a year or so ago that arguably the world’s most famous motorcycle brand would be frequently linked with falling sales and financial woe then most people would have said that you were barking mad.

However, with recent stories of millennial woe and mounting board concern the immediate future of the famours Bar and Shield brand is far from certain.

With a commitment to releasing 100 new motorcycles over the next ten years however, the folks at Harley-Davidson motorcycles do at least seem to have a plan to tackle their problem, and – along with Indian Motorcycle – they are preparing to take that battle to uncharted territory.

Last month the news broke that Harley were looking to get their electric motorcycle out and onto the streets by the end of 2019 and now it would seem that we know a little more about what form that new electric technology might take. Or the name of it at least.

According to a recent trademark application filed with the United States Patent & Trademark Office then name that Harley Davidson will use to refer to their new electric drive-train technology will be ‘Revelation’.

The interpretation by our (genuine) friends over at Asphalt & Rubber is that this will not be the name of the final motorcycle however, but rather the name used to refer to the technology/motor itself.

We’re not sure if the final name of the electrified Harley will be that of the Livewire moniker attributed to its pre-production/concept that was produced as a test vehicle back in 2014, but the choice of ‘Revelation’ for the motor technology is an interesting one to say the least.

The company already uses similar sounding names for it’s Evolution’ and ‘Revolution X’ V-Twin engines, so ‘Revelation’ isn’t too far of a stretch for the imagination, but it’s certainly an interesting one…

The Book of Revelation in Christian faith is effectively an apocalyptic prophecy.

The notion that it will be the old, warhorse Harley-Davidson to be the first major manufacturer on course to release a production electric motorcycle could well be considered an event of almost biblical proportions.

Source: USPTO via Asphalt & Rubber

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