The Brough Superior Pendine Sand Racer is £58,000 worth of new-classic racer

Pendine was the place of speed and records from 1924 and the Pendine sands – with it’s long, golden beaches – were the home of Sand Racing and the Welsh TT.

According to the company, George Brough loved Pendine so much so that from 1928 he named his racing Bikes ‘Pendine’ and even gave the Pendine name to his home. So this new bike – announced today at EICMA – is a fitting tribute to the brand that bears his name.

As always with Brough Superior, if you need to ask the price then you probably can’t afford it – and of course prospective buyers will be able to take advantage of their bespoke services that allow a customer to determine the colour and finish of most surfaces as well as many of the components.

But seeing as you’re here and interested, the basic price of the Brough Superior Pendine Sands will cost £57,999 on the road and the first examples should start rolling off of the production line in late September 2018.

We recommend getting your orders in quick though if you are interested. Our fifteen minutes spent on the stand at EICMA today saw a lot of interest from prospective buyers.


Engine: Watercooled dohc 88-degree V-twin four-stroke with four valves per cylinder,
and composite chain/gear cam drive


Dimensions: 94 x 71.8 mm

Capacity: 997 cc

Output: Euro 4 Homologation : 73 kW or 100 bhp @ 9800 rpm

Sport Version (for track only) : 97 kW or 130 bhp @ 8000 rpm

Maximum torque: Euro 4 Homologation : 89 Nm @ 7450 rpm

Sport Version (for track only) : 120 Nm @ 6400 rpm

Compression ratio: 11:1

Fuel/ignition system: Electronic fuel injection with Synerject ECU and 2 x 50mm Synerject throttle
bodies, each with a single injector

Gearbox: 6-speed

Clutch: Multiplate oil-bath clutch with hydraulic operation

Chassis: Machined Titanium frame with Titanium subframe
Suspension: Front: Fior-type Aluminium casting fork with twin articulated triangular
titanium links and Pre load and rebound adjustable monoshock with 120mm

Rear: CNC Machined swingarm pivoting in engine crankcases, with Pre load
and rebound adjustable monoshock, direct link, with 130mm travel

Head angle/trail: 23.4 degrees with 94 mm trail via 38 mm fork offset

Wheelbase: 1540 mm

Weight/distribution: 196 kg dry split 50/50 %

Brakes: Front: 2 x 320 mm Beringer Stainless Steel discs with 2 x four-piston
Beringer radial calipers

Rear: 1 x 230 mm Beringer Stainless Steel disc with 1 x two-piston Beringer

Continental MK100MAB ABS

Wheels/tyres: Front: 120/70 R19 tire on 3.50 in. CNC aluminium wheel from forged

Rear: 170/60 R17 tire on 4.50 in. CNC aluminium wheel from forged
Seat height: 820 mm

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1 Comment

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