This working Star Wars Speeder Bike is the Halloween costume you wish you made!

Suddenly that Donald Trump getup of wig, spray tan and long, red tie doesn’t feel so original does it?

Did you know it’s Halloween? No, of course you didn’t because we here at Motofire didn’t do the obligatory ‘marketing’ tweet of one of us dressed as a spider that we planned months ago because it was ‘on brand’.

Anyway… For those of you who don’t know, Halloween is a time to dress up, pretend you’re someone else and generally make a nuisance of yourself whilst you frighten elderly residents of your neighbourhood into giving you candy.

Or… You could have done Halloween properly like these guys from electric bike makers Lithium Cycles did with their Super 73 and made the whole world seem that little but more special by promoting your electric bike in New York City by turning it into a Star Wars Speeder Bike.

See, *this* is how you do marketing.

Super 73 Electric Bike

Built around Lithium Cycle’s standard electric bike, the Super 73 Speeder is a brilliant piece of craftmanship in its own right, and it’s made even better by a brilliantly simple use of mirrors to obfuscate the wheels and to give the casual observer the real sense that it just might be hovering like the FUTURE THAT WE WERE ALWAYS PROMISED!?!


Ahem… Sorry.

Here’s a ‘Making of…’ video to calm everyone down:

Anyway, well played Super 73, you done good. And now we’re going up into the attic to see if we can’t find that old Ree Yees figure that we know is up there somewhere.



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    stephen Obrenski

    November 1, 2017 at 00:13

    @LithiumCycles Hey I want one…cool ..

  2. Avatar


    November 1, 2017 at 01:17

    @LithiumCycles So cool.

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