Suzuki tease new Café Racer

With every new “teaser” video we get, they seem to get more and more vague.

Half the time we aren’t even sure the video is about motorcycles! However in Suzuki’s newest teaser, they tried to be elusive, but we feel they made it pretty obvious.While the video doesn’t say, we are certain its going to be for the new SV650X “Cafe Racer.”

If you study the video it’s undeniable it’s an SV650. The images of the engine and exhaust heat shield give that away. But if you inspect it further you can see the bikini fairing and fog lights on the front end. They flash a snippet of the seat, with its distinctive stitching. Yep, it’s the Cafe Racer all right.

SV650X “Cafe Racer” Concept

But does slapping clip-ons and a bikini fairing on an existing bike really deserving of the moniker “Cafe Racer”? We aren’t completely sold on the idea. With a market full of retro and neo-retro bikes, we feel Suzuki may have done too little, and are a bit too late to the game.

We will get all the details at EICMA on Nov 9-12.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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    Dead Red Rooster

    October 27, 2017 at 09:42

    ‘Orrible! Suzuki really have lost their way. Why not an updated Katana or a fully faired SV? This looks like a dogs dinner.

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