Road Riders movie promises glimpse into the extraordinary Irish road racing world

Films about motorcycling have come a very long way from the monochrome, radio-announcer-narrated tours of factory production lines.

Very much billed as being in the same vane as TT: Closer To The Edge and Road, new release Road Riders promises a glimpse into the extraordinary world of Irish national road racing.

Following ten individuals over an entire racing season, the documentary focuses on the racers and their families, who talk candidly about what drives them to pursue such a risky form of the sport and how they deal with their highs and lows.

It, of course, features race footage, alongside interviews that promise to get right to the heart of this risky, revelatory sport, and promises a fascinating insight into the lives of the men, women and families for whom road racing is not just a pastime, but a way of life.

Among those featured in the documentary are fearless country girl, Yvonne Montgomery, who got her motorbike license for “…a bit of independence…”, and a year later found herself competing; and young racer Gareth Keys for whom “…nothing less will do…”’ and hasn’t let serious injuries sustained during a recent race put him off.

Release date is 6th November, 2017, but the lovely people at distributor Kaleidoscope Entertainment have promised us a review copy, so we’ll give a it a watch and report back. In the meantime, find out more at:


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