Honda announce new electric and hybrid scooters…

Honda announced a broad range of vehicles at the 45th Tokyo motor show, but none in the Super Cub or Monkey style.

The Japanese manufacturer unveiled Cars, Motorcycles, Mobility vehicles and even a robotic lawn mower but despite the breadth of the announcements, they all remain as a concept – for now.

Yes, even the lawnmower.

Honda like to think of themselves as being at the forefront of development and innovation and this reflects in the motorcycles that have been unveiled this week at the Tokyo Motor Show.

MotoFire have already reported about the new Goldwing and the Neo Sports Café racer and these two motorcycles alone show what Honda can really do. But seven other motorcycles were also revealed that provide a clear hint as to the company’s, two-wheeled future…

It’s just a shame that none of the clever, future tech was put into a body style that isn’t a PCX.


Honda Riding Assist-e

The Honda Riding Assist-e is an intriguing development and hopefully this will surpass the concept stage and be put into production by Honda.

So far there is no news whether this will be electrically powered or by a run of the mill petrol motor but either route could be successful.

Robotic wizardry keeps this bike upright using balance control technologies and the potential for the Riding Assist-e is huge.

Just imagine that this was the bike used in riding schools to help learners gain confidence. It would sure make the Compulsory Basic Training easier without all the wobbling around the cones!

But forget all that, the safety possibilities for all of us are massive.

PCX Electric

The Honda PCX has been around since 2009 and has been a sales success but it’s only ever been a 125cc petrol twist and go layout, until now! The twist still remains but now the petrol engine has been replaced by an independently developed electric motor.

The unique feature of this electric scooter is the detachable mobile battery pack; very useful for riding in a busy city and for those without the possibility of finding a plug in charger.

Unfortunately the PCX Electric will only be going on sale in 2018 in Asia.


PCX Hybrid

Carrying on with the Honda PCX developments a hybrid version will also be available from 2018. But again only in Asia!

The hybrid version may be the best of both worlds actually, with electric assistance will provide quicker acceleration and a petrol engine to provide maximum range. A sleek new body also gives the PCX a refreshed look.

Super Cub 110

The Honda cub is a cult and to celebrate this a commemorative model recognising the 100 million-unit milestone has been revealed.

The Cub 110 has a fresh new look but somehow retains its classic features.

The 110 is a special model Honda produced exclusively for the Tokyo Motor Show to commemorate the achievement of the 100 million-unit global production milestones this year and the 60th anniversary next year for the Super Cub series.


Super Cub C125

The Super Cub has C125 inherited and evolved the attractive design and functionality of the personal commuter from the first-generation Super Cub (C100). This new 125 cc model features the latest equipment such as a smart key and electric seat opener and with more than ample power for  comfortable riding.


Cross Cub 110

Featuring a crossover style which will look good for both urban riding and outdoor activities, the Cross Cub 110 is a new look for Honda Cub motorcycles. As a model oriented toward recreational use, Honda are bringing out the “tough”, with the adoption of a leg shield and wider tires.


Monkey 125

A 125cc horizontal, single-cylinder engine has been installed into the signature body of the Honda Monkey,  with what Honda call ‘a sense of intentional deformation’ that messes witht he short & tall body proportion unique to the Monkey series. Add up-to-the-minute features such as LED lights and digital meters, the Monkey 125 pushes the appeal of the Honda Monkey model.



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    October 28, 2017 at 15:20

    The PCX is so available with a 150cc engine!!

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    October 28, 2017 at 15:59

    Well get the #Honda #Executives to ride them!!!

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    October 28, 2017 at 16:01

    More #horsepower needed no #pusspower #HarleyDavidson #MuscleBike #Breakout

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    Jerry Moran KD0ZDX

    October 28, 2017 at 16:10

    Looks like through back Thursday with a Honda CT 90 look.

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    October 31, 2017 at 12:35

    No electric or hybrid for Europe, and they basically glossed over the PCX in the Tokyo press conference.

    Where is that Electric Cub concept they showed several years ago? That would be great all around the world.

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