Video: True Heroes Racing. A team-name that’s truly deserved.

True Heroes Racing battle week in and week out during British Superbikes. Nothing too unusual or even unique there, and – if we’re being perfectly honest – it’s a subject that we’d not ordinarily spend much time on. But this team is different.

Made up solely of serving, injured or veteran members of the forces we’ve written about them before, but this film from Influx adds to those words and illustrates the passion in a way that offers up a new found intensity of respect for the team and the riders.

Having spent a while absorbing all of the new autonomous and self-driving tech from the Frankfurt auto show and wondering how the world of motorcycling is going to change and develop, it’s a little too easy to forget about just what it is that drew us all to this two-wheeled world in the first place.

Five minutes spent watching this video should do enough to reinvigorate the soul and go some way to proving that the passionate pursuit of something ‘else’ will never fully be lost. No matter how much tech is thrown at it.

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