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103 Year-Old fulfills motorcycling dream!



Every so often the internet throws up something glorious and this week is one of those times.

One of the best thing about motorbikes and the motorcycle community is the camaraderie. There is something different about bike fans. We are more inclusive than the car community. How many times have you seen another BMW driver pull up along side a broken BMW in the rain and offered help? It happens, yes but far less often. With bikers, if you see another bike in trouble, you pull over, help out and if you can’t help out you just hang and chat, until someone who can help, arrives. We are a band of brothers and sisters. An unbreakable bond between us.

Another thing that is all inclusive is Grandmas. All of us have one, or have had one. We all know how special they are. Grandmas offer warmth and love that you can’t get from your parents, and we don’t care how big, bad and ugly you are, we know you once had a grandma that could turn you into a pile of lovely soft kittens.

So, this fabulous story about Bert Mullenbach will warm your heart as much as it did ours.

Bert is a lovely 103-year-old lady from Rochester, Minnesota. For years she has dreamed of riding a motorbike, however, being in the autumnal years of her life, she had all but given up on this dream. That was until her Dentist, an unlikely source of compassion, offered her the ride of her life.

Fred Carlson invited Bert to join him for a 15 mile jolly on his Harley Davidson. Kitting her out with a leather jacket and open faced helmet, he headed to her retirement home to pick her up.

Bert told NBC “It was well worth the 103-year wait. The only downside was that I couldn’t converse with Fred because he couldn’t hear me.”

Fred and Bert are a fabulous example of how the bike community comes together, regardless of age or gender, and wants to share the simple joy of riding free. And proof that you are never too old to fulfill your dreams or give up on them!


Video: Watch Sarah Lezito show you how to drift a motorcycle



Yes, drifting on two wheels is possible. Especially if you’re an insanely talented stunt rider from France.

There are a few stunt riders worth following across social media and YouTube but few get the numbers of French stunter Sarah Lezito.

Shot in a cold, wet and snowy location, it’s hardly the easiest of environments for riding a motorcycle – although possibly better for skids! – but the control from Lezito, and her instruction, is captivating.

Why learn how to drift? Well, Lezito says that it might help in learning how to save from slipping, keeping the balance on your bike or just improving your stunting skills.

And her top tips?

  • First find a small bike – a 50cc or 125cc machine that’s easy to handle.
  • Find a slippery spot, like a wet floor after some light rain.
  • Put hard tyres on the rear and more air in the front tyre.
  • Protect everything… On you and your bike.
  • Prepare to crash. A lot.

We’re hoping she’ll be adding to her channel over the coming months and that this is the start of a series of ‘How To…’ videos from the young stunt rider.

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Video: Ari & Zack’s review of the Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 is great because they actually care!



Ari & Zack from Motorcyclist Magazine have produced what is the best review of the new Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 so far.

To say that we have been excited about the new Husqvarna Svartpilen and Vitpilen motorcycles is a bit of an understatement. And now, they’re finally here, in dealers and their saddles have been well and truly worn-down by visiting journalists all testing out the new machines and given us their verdicts.

In fact – here’s ours, courtesy of the lovely people at the esteemed custom motorcycling publication Bike Exif.

Ride Review: The Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 hits the bullseye!

However, not all reviews have been equal and despite trawling the Internet on a daily basis, solid video reviews from the press have been hard to find – until now.

As to why this video from Ari Henning and Zack Courts by Motorcyclist Magazine is our favourite? Well, production values count for a lot. As does the fact that somebody has actually bothered to spend some time planning the shoot and has also spent some money on recording equipment…

But mainly it’s down to the fact that these two are enjoyable to watch, come across as fantastically knowledgeable and actually look as if they want to share their newly found leanings with us – their audience.

All we seem to get here in the UK are people rattling off numbers and shouting the names of their publications as often as possible. This ladies and gentlemen, is how we reckon video reviews should really be done. Well done Motorcyclist chaps… The publishing world may be a tricky climate right now, but the attention to detail here on your videos is much appreciated.

Plus, they address the common concerns with the machine, discuss the whole ‘it’s for hipsters’ nonsense and still manage to pull off a few wheelies at the same time!

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