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Please Help Us Understand This Yamaha Tricity Video



‘Fitted with sauna and Tricities’

We beg you! Please!

If anyone can speak Japanese and knows anything at all about THE HOLY HELL IS HAPPENING HERE can you message us and put us out of our misery!?

We haven’t been able to sleep since we first watched this video and at the time of writing the amount of views registered on YouTube are 21,122.

We are responsible for at least 2,122 of those video views.

Our fear is that with only these visuals, and the following Google translation to go on, we’re scared that we’ll never fully, truly know what this gloriously disturbing piece of official Yamaha advertising for the equally glorious and disturbingly clever Tricity three-wheeler is really about.

Seriously, read this Google translated description and then try to tell us that you actually understand anything any more.

“The boss’s unreasonable sermon, smash dropped screen cracked, paparazzi aiming at entertainer’s scandal…

If you notice it, it is a modern society that is not alone.

“Ha! I got tired again.”

“I will not do it.”

In such a case, the voice comes to hear from nowhere…

“Sauna, bathing in the bath, lodging in the outside bath!!”

I think that stress in contemporary society will disappear when going to the sauna.”

(Now, please excuse us as we go and watch this amazing thing again. And again. And again.)

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Yamaha’s Niken offers a ‘New Corner Carving Experience’



Hands up who likes cornering corners? We all like cornering corners!

We would probably all admit to wanting to carve corners too. Which is lucky because Yamaha’s new Niken is here to offer us a ‘New Corner Carving Experience’ and now we can all be cunning, corner carvers.

Released at the Tokyo Motor Show and then seen by most people in the metal at the 2017 EICMA motortcycle show in Milan, the leaning multi-wheeled Yamaha Niken was as divisive a motorcycle as you could get.

Here at MF we avoided the usual bandwagon of hate that motorcyclists seem to have for anything remotely new and different, and proclaimed our (albeit reserved) love for the MT-09 based machine and were instantly excited at the opportunities that it might bring.

Not everyone was quite so open-minded of course and the comment pages of most motorcycle publications were filled with slightly more anglo-saxon versions of the phrase ‘kill it with fire!’.

Yamaha knew that a big, three-wheeler would need a little bit of time for everyone to get used to of course, and they also knew that they have a little bit of work to do when it comes to persuading people to actually consider a purchase.

Which is right where this this new technical video from Yamaha Europe comes in.

Detailing benefits such as ‘deep lean angles’, ‘high agility’ and a ‘natural riding feeling’, the video goes into a little more description as to how the Leaning Multi Wheel (LMW) system works whilst detailing precisely the reason as to why two front wheels might just be the future.

There are lots of conversations about geometry and it also uses exciting words such as ‘parallelogram’ and  phrases like ‘steering knuckle’ but ultimately what the video does is make the whole machine look an absolute blast to ride!

Is now the time for three-wheelers to shine?

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Don’t Try This At Home: Epic Harley Jump Fail




It’s almost written in the stars now as a tale of lore; if you try to jump a Harley-Davidson you’re mostly going to have a bad time.

Evel Knievel was infamous for jumping and crashing Harleys. If only there was some sort of disclaimer to prevent others from attempting such stunts? “Don’t try this at home” may have worked.

The daredevil, Tyler Flight (@Flight1915 on Instagram) in the video tries to jump a 1987 Harley-Davidson FXR but overshoots by quite some distance. A lot of jump and stunt preparation involves heavy use of math/geometry/trigonometry in order to calculate the perfect speed of approach and ramp angles.

I think it’s safe to say that not too much of that was done here.

Predictably the landing wasn’t the softest as the rider gives the handlebars a Glaswegian kiss for good measure.

However he managed to walk away from the crash just like Evel managed, most of the time.

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