Honda & Yamaha Join Forces for Electric Motorcycle Trial

Could battery-powered Scooter rentals scheme near Tokyo mark possible start of larger roll-0ut?

Honda and Yamaha have partnered on scooter production and various other similar programmes before, but a recent deal to provide a scooter rental scheme to the city of Saitama near Tokyo could indicate a little bit more than just a reduction in production and component costs.

The venture will see Honda and Yamaha putting around 30 small electric scooters  onto the city streets, whilst providing charging, battery-swap and other logistical support.

Does this mean that we’ll start to see the new Honda electric Cub in city streets soon? And what ever happened to the planned 2016 launch of Yamaha’s PES1 and PED1 electric motorcycles?

Honda have quite a habit of teaming up with other manufacturers on new technology; a recent deal with Hitachi could potentially provide a huge boost to any planned Honda, electrical roll-out and a US-based deal with General Motors has their Hydrogen fuel cell plans moving forward.

H/T: Asphalt & Rubber



  1. Avatar

    Owen Brennan

    July 22, 2017 at 15:23

    Honda 50 back again, this time as electric, what a bike the original was, I loved mine.

  2. Avatar

    Hans-Peter Engemann

    July 22, 2017 at 22:37

    Entweder man liebt es, oder man hssst es. Dazwischen gibt es kein Spielraum für Elektromobilität auf zwei Rädern!

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